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Coffee beans from around the globe can be found in locations that have perfect conditions for growing beans.  Many factors are needed to produce ideal beans including but not limited to soil, climate, sunlight, and even elevation.  Coffees can be found on many continents from Africa, South and Central American, Asian, Oceania, the Caribbean, and North American.  

Ethiopia, Peru, Kenya, India, Colombia, Brazil, and Australia are just a few of the many coffee producing countries across the world.

Blends of the world

Supplying coffee to coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, the retail sector, and hotels throughout the United Kingdom has given The Little Coffee Box Co the opportunity to reach a wide range of satisfied customers.

We supply Arabica and Robusta beans, ground coffee as well as sachets, pod capsules, and flavoured coffee at wholesale discounted prices.

london wholesale supplier of beans
ground arabica aroma

Flavoured Coffee